Maths with QTI – Item Body

The itemBody section is where the question text, interactions, buttons and feedback are defined. Questions, solutions, etc will vary hugely depending on the question being asked, but I have included some standard sections that tend to be used regularly.

Question Text

Question text displaying an equation using variables defined using Maxima in templateProcessing:

<div class="QTEXT">
   <p>Solve the equation
      <m:math display="block">
      giving your answer as an integer or as a fraction in its lowest terms.

Displaying Variables

Maths variable: <printedVariable identifier="mVar"/>
Integer: <printedVariable identifier="oQansVars" format="%.0f"/>
Number (to 2 decimal places – change the number before the f in the format attribute to change the number of decimal places): <printedVariable identifier="oQansVars" format="%.2f"/>


Text/numerical entry interaction

<textEntryInteraction responseIdentifier="RESPONSE" expectedLength="2" />

Mathematical expression entry interaction

<customInteraction id="customInteraction1" ma:syntax="text/x-maxima" ma:printIdentifier="printMath" responseIdentifier="RESPONSE"/>

Show Hint button

<feedbackBlock showHide="show" identifier="askhint" outcomeIdentifier="ASKHINT">
      <endAttemptInteraction responseIdentifier="HINTREQUEST" title="Show Hint"/>

Show Solution button

<feedbackBlock showHide="show" identifier="asksolution" outcomeIdentifier="ASKSOLUTION">
      <endAttemptInteraction responseIdentifier="SOLREQUEST" title="Show Solution"/>



<feedbackBlock outcomeIdentifier="FEEDBACK" identifier="RESPONSE-CORRECT" showHide="show">


<feedbackBlock outcomeIdentifier="FEEDBACK" identifier="RESPONSE-INCORRECT" showHide="show">
   <div>Incorrect, try again. <br /><br /> </div>

No answer entered

<feedbackBlock outcomeIdentifier="FEEDBACK" identifier="RESPONSE-NULL" showHide="show">
   <div>Please enter an answer<br /><br /></div>


<feedbackBlock identifier="HINT" outcomeIdentifier="FEEDBACK" showHide="show">
   <div>Solution goes here<br /><br /></div>


<feedbackBlock identifier="SOLUTION" outcomeIdentifier="FEEDBACK" showHide="show">
   <div>Solution goes here<br /><br /></div>


I won’t cover MathML in any detail here, but the University of Edinburgh’s LaTeX to MathML converter is a very useful tool to help with this. This section contains a few tips for achieving some things that aren’t immediately obvious in MathML.

Greek Letters in MathML

These must be represented by the HTML decimal (e.g. &#913;) or hex codes (e.g. &#x391;), not the HTML entity codes (e.g. &Alpha;). Here’s a full list of codes.

Operators in MathML

Times symbol: <m:mo>&#xd7;</m:mo>
Space: <m:mi>&#160;</m:mi>

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