Moodle evaluation and testing using Vagrant

I wanted a Moodle environment for testing the latest STACK question code. The solution is to use a Vagrant box.

Vagrant allows for provisioning by a number of methods. I found a shell script developed by DigitalSparky which was ready to use. I added a build script for Maxima (to ensure it has the correct version) and made STACK part of the Moodle install.

I’ve forked the repository to my Github account. I hope that you find it useful.

To build this you will need:

The adapted script uses Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty. The Moodle build is cloned from Github and will default to the latest version. The script can be changed to force an earlier version if needed. You can also look in the Hashicorp directory for other pre-built Vagrant boxes.

To complete the Install (assuming that your host system is Ubuntu):

  • install VirtualBox, Vagrant and git
    sudo apt-get install virtualbox vagrant git
  • clone the Vagrant script
    git clone
  • change to the script’s directory
    cd moodle-vagrant/
  • start the Vagrant box and run the build script
    vagrant up
  • edit your hosts file to enable the URL http://moodle.local/ on your local machine. Add this line   moodle.local

    • As an alternative you can install the Vagrant hostmanager Plug-In. Either approach will require administrator permissions to modify the Hosts file.
  • open http://moodle.local/ and complete the install. You will need to look at the notifications to install the plugins.

That should be all that’s needed for a Moodle development box.