Maths with QTI – Explanation of Help Guide for Maths Entry Questions

Here’s the link to the Help Guide for Maths Entry Questions, if you’ve come here looking for that. This post explains why we’ve created that guide.

We’re starting to deliver Maths questions online using QTIWorks, and are putting together a help guide for users, as it is not always easy to know how to correctly represent mathematical expressions in a maths answer box.

The “Input Hints” provided in QTIWorks are of some help, but are perhaps not the most user friendly and could be improved by the addition of examples, and perhaps some reordering to place the simpler and more commonly used inputs nearer the top of the list.

QTIWorks Input Hints
QTIWorks Input Hints (click to view full size)

To supplement (/replace) this hints box, I’ve started to write a (hopefully) simple guide to using the maths input box, with some examples. This is a work in progress, so will evolve, but hopefully is a reasonable starting point. Any comments are very welcome.

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