Computer Marked Maths now available

MSD Learning Technologies is now able to offer computer marked maths.

We are looking for departments with the University to make use of our project – for formative assessment at this stage. We particularly want to gauge enthusiasm and, ideally, to see examples of the questions which you’d find useful.

Highlights of the maths assessment system:

  1. interacts with Maxima which gives it full algebraic evaluation for simple or complex maths.
  2. allows use of random variables in questions
  3. can calculate and show worked answers
  4. can include control flow functions (if, while, etc, to modify or calculate variables)
  5. supports multiple tests on an answer (eg is it simplified? is it algebraically correct?)
  6. supports multi-part questions
  7. supports SI units
  8. supports questions requiring significant figures and decimal places

We have integrated with WebLearn, so you can offer assessments via your existing WebLearn sites. Assessments can also be provided as a standalone service using SSO if that is required.

The sponsorship of this project is through the IT Innovation Fund so we can offer this to any part of the University.

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