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Concerns the repetition of the ‘classic’ experiments in tissue formation by Zeigler. Includes a series of photographs taken using a glass Ziegler chamber for the study of tissue formation - describes equipment used, method employed (esp. re: requirements for specimens amenable to observation at higher powers of magnification).

Animals used: rabbits and guinea-pigs.

Preparations either examined fresh, or after being subjected to hardening and staining processes. Hardened using osmic acid (either 5% water solution or vapour from a 1% solution) - includes description of method used. Preparations mounted in ‘Farrant’s gum solution or, after dehydration, in xylol balsam’. Sometimes after-stained with ‘picrocarmine, with fuchsin, methylene blue, eosin, or most frequently with haematoxylin (Ehrlich's solution).’

Notes that the creation of ‘black particles’ is due to use of ‘shellac glue’ in the preparation process (p. 560).

Describes a second chamber method: ‘Two chambers (or four) were placed side by side in the subcutaneous tissue. At the end of twenty-two hours they were taken out, one was dropped into osmic acid, and the other was sealed with warm paraffin.’ (p. 565) - also describes the use of acid, the method used for ensuring isolation of chamber,

Contributors not named as authors: ‘we were... much assisted in the interpretation of the appearances of the osmic fixed preparations by the processes described by Miss M. Greenwood for the Rhizopoda.’ (‘This Journal’, Vol. vii. p. 253, Vol. viii. p. 263.)


Fig 1: Rabbit - contents of chamber after 72hrs in peritoneal cavityt. Prepared over osmic acid vapour.

Fig. 2: Rabbit - content of chamber after 18hrs. Prepared over osmic vapour.

Fig. 3: Guinea-pig - content of chamber after 3 days in subcutaneous tissue. Osmic acid solution, ‘Erlich’s logwood’.

Fig. 4: Rabbit - same chamber as (1).

Fig. 5: Same as (1).

Fig. 6: Rabbit - content of chamber after 72hrs in peritoneal cavity. Osmic acid vapour.

Fig. 7: As fig (6)

Fig 8: Guinea-pig - content of chamber after 8 days in subcutaneous tissue. Osmic acid vapour.