Inspiring others…

This website celebrates an extraordinary scientist who was passionate about poetry and teaching.  He was beyond his time, and we aim to bring to life his thoughts and ideas to inspire a younger generation.

Who created this?

eyeballThe Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at  the University of Oxford with thanks to funding from the Wellcome Trust.

This resource was developed by Dr Lizzie Burns who took a new approach inspired by Sherrington’s curiosity – encouraging pupils to ask questions, to choose and develop their own ideas.

We hope you will enjoy this!

Encouraging learning through creativity…

How to use this site?

Take a peruse to find out a bit more about Sherrington.

  • For teachers – we include resources with PowerPoints to download for teaching science in primary and secondary schools or beyond together with notes and links to the curriculum.
  • For inspiration – we illustrate a buzz of creativity generated from our resources with artwork and writing from pupils in primary school, A level and beyond to University.

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