Prepared by Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, St John’s College and Oxford Neuroscience, Anatomical Society to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Thomas Willis’ birthday on the 27th January 2021:


[1]  Erica Charters: A History of Medicine perspective on Willis – Monday 11 January 2021

[2] Alastair Buchan: Willis’ residence and base for scientific discoveries, Beam Hall –  Monday 18 January 2021

[3] Alastair Compston: An insight into the writings of Willis – Monday 25 January (birthday on Wednesday 27th January)

[4] Chrystalina Antoniades: The Circle of Willis – Monday 1 February  2021

[5] Kevin Talbot: Exploring the medical cases of Thomas Willis – Monday 8 February 2021

[6] Milos Judas: What we learn from translating the works of Willis –  Monday 8 February 2021

[7] Petra Hofmann: The Willis Legacy in St John’s College Library (plus insights from Trevor Hughes) – Monday 15 February 2021

[8] Iain Pears: insights into Willis era 17th century Oxford through writing “An Instance of the Fingerpost” – Monday 22 February 2021

Lectures and Videos:

[9] Prof Alastair Compston – “Dr Thomas Willis’s works: ‘the most learned Christopher Wren and the inward dens of the Brain” (16th June 2011) 

[10] Stuart Panter Videos – Thomas Willis’ Works Rooms at Oxford. 

[11] Zoltán Molnár – Opening of the European University for Brain and Technology – Neurotech EU, 16 Dec 2020: 

[12] Zoltán Molnár – Thomas Willis (1621-1675) 400th Anniversary Lecture, Anatomical Society Winter Meeting, 8th January 2021

[13] Online exhibition at St John’s College: (opened on 12 January 2021).

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