• 1884 – University of Bologna (gold chloride method to study sensory endings). Director of the laboratory of normal and pathologic histology of the university Bologna.
  • 1895 – lecturer in Histology Muncipal doctor and hospital director in the town of Lucignano in Tuscany –continued the study of receptor organs of muscle, skin and fascia.
  • 1900 – International Congress of Pavia
  • 1901 – Chief dissector of of the school of Anatomy and associate professor of embryology of the University of Siena. Discovered the presence of the three-laminar gastrula in amphibians.
  • 1912 – Granted chair of Histology and general Physiology at the University of Bologna.
  • 1925 – Published Fisiogenia (on organogenetic zones and the three-laminar gastrulation).

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