Referring to the Specification of our predecessor Mr Fulcher sent to you on Ap. 17th 1880 we are anxious to know if you will allow us to make any of the instruments mentioned. We have unusual facilities for making Physiological Apparatus having patterns of most of the most recent forms. We should mention an Artificial Respiration Apparatus which we are introducing. It occupies a space on the wall of about two feet square, and projects from the wall about eight inches. It is worked by simply attaching it to the ordinary water tap. One that we made has been working in the Cambridge Laboratory for the last four months and has given great satisfaction. It is very economical in its use of water. It delivers and exhausts any required quantity of air, suitable to the smallest rabbit and the largest dog, and will work at any velocity required. It is connected to the animal by two leaden or india rubber tubes which are connected with the trachea of the animal by means of the ordinary glass T piece. The price will be about thirty pounds (£30). We shall be glad to supply you with any of the instruments provided in the specifications of our predecessor at the same prices, and shall be glad to make any other instrument for you that you may require.

Yours Faithfully,

Horace Darwin

For the Company.

P.S. We now issue for the proprietors the Journal of Physiology by Dr. M. Foster and shall be glad to enter your name as a subscriber.'