Patient Details

Age: 69 years

Sex: Female

Date of initial presentation: 8/10/1975

Clinical Diagnosis

Plica/conjunctiva biopsy
High E.S.R. ? infliltration

9/12/1975 - Report from [pathologist], Gibson Labs


There is a striking abnormality of the epithelium. Deep to it and closely applied to the lower surface there is a broad band of dense chronic inflammatory cell infiltration of a mainly lymphoid character with some plasma cells. This has no follicular arrangement, but in about four places within it along the length of the biopsy there are small collections of larger cells with plentiful pale cytoplasm which have the character of histiocytes or possibly epithelioid cells. These are not the clear cut epithelioid granulomata of classical sarcoidosis, but reference to a high E.S.R. on the request form leads me to wonder whether this condition has been regarded as a serious clinical possibility. The histological features are not sufficiently clear cut to make it more than a suggestion worthy of exclusion. In other respects this looks an entirely non-specific chronic inflammatory infiltrate.


Chronic inflammatory infiltration of conjunctiva.