Sex: male
Age: adult, 73 years
Part of Body: eye, eyelid
Number of Sections: 1
Pathology: abscess

Patient Details

Age: 73 years

Sex: Male

Date of initial presentation: 18/9/1975

Clinical Diagnosis

Lump from Lt. lid, present 2/12 [months]
(Bisected, both halves embedded in wax)

6/12/1975 - Copy of report from [pathology], Gibson Labs


The section show portions of sebaceous glands and some glands lined by eosinophilic columnas cells. These glands carry an acute inflammatory cell infiltrate. Within the connective tissues there is an abscess, the centre of which contains necrotic material and polymorph remains. The outer aspects of this abscess show plasma cells, chronic inflammatory cells and histiocytes.  Ina number of places the histiocytes have fused to form giant cells, some of which have a slight foreign body appearance, while others are more Langerhans in type with a peripheral arrangement of nuclei. It is noted that this specimen was taken on 18th Sept. and no doubt microbiological results are to hand. 


Abscess formation with chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate, plasma cells and multinucleate giant cells.