Patient Details

Age: 69 years

Sex: Female

Date of initial presentation: 10/4/1975

Clinical Diagnosis

Malignant melanoma adjacent to disc, Rt. eye
Front removed for electron microscopy
Block divided, thrown away


Preliminary Microscopic Report

The sections show a small malignant melanoma of mixed cell type. Morphology is predominantly spindle B, but a few areas show epithelioid types. A moderate amount of pigment is present in the tumour which is very vascular, and has extended posteriorly through all layers of the sclera in small islands, and a few pigmented cells are present in the episclera. The retina is detached over the tumour, but Bruch's membrane is intact. 


Malignant melanoma of choroid with scleral and possible extra-scleral spread.

5/12/1975 - Report from [consultant pathologist]

Sections of the posterior part of the globe show a malignant melanoma of the choroid, adjacent to the nerve-head, which shows no invasion at the level of study. The tumour is moderately pigmented, and has a low reticulin content. It is composed mostly of spindle cells, with fewer small epithelioid cells. At the level of the sections examined, there is some pigment in the inner scleral lamellae, but no extension of the tumour to the scleral channels can be demonstrated.


Malignant melanoma of choroid