Sex: female
Age: adult, 20 years
Part of Body: eye
Number of Sections: 1
Pathology: granuloma

Patient Details

Age: 20 years

Sex: Female

Clinical Diagnosis

Tumour biopsy from Lt. orbit.
Tumour bisected along its length, 1/2 for paraffin sections. Remaining half of tumour sent to Denmark.

26/2/1975 - Report on section from [consultant pathologist]

This looks like a "non-specific granuloma", but there are some points of interest:

  1. The capillary endothelial swelling & extravascular erythrocytes suggesting an allergic element.
  2. The onion-skin thickening of small arteries. Is she hypertensive?
  3. The combination of the lymphocyte, plasma cell, etc infiltrate with this vascular change. Has she anything anywhere to suggest Wegener's granulomatosis? Orbital granuloma is a bit of a dustbin & I would feel inclined to try to exclude any systemic disease of this kind. There is nothing that suggests a primary lymphoma to me.