Please post any questions and report any problems encountered whilst using the site below. Hopefully this will expand into a site faq/user forum:

Suggestions for further developments:

Inclusion of 'history' and 'talk' tabs, a la Wikipedia. History tabs (listing previous changes to entries, and allowing users to revert to them) would serve a number of significant functions - they would enable users to study the changes to pieces of writing over time, and to fix instances of improper editing. These functions will be vital if the user base expands. Similarly, a discussion tab would facilitate the resolution of any differences of opinion which arise.

Personal pages and lightboxes (as discussed).

Indicating that the same source is cited more than once by an item: a number of items serve as touchstiones in Pater's 'The Rennaissance' - would it be possible to have a 'number of times referred to' box for links betewen items? This would have the advantage of presenting viewers with an immediate indication of how significant each work cited is for particular items.

Allow users to link to individuals as well as documents when using the 'quotes' link type - eg. the quote may be from unrecorded speech, or not associated with a specific publication (ie. attributed).

I'm not sure if this is easily doable, but would it be possible to develop an 'auto-save' function for text boxes? I ask only because I have started entering notes directly into the system, and I'm finding that I've been logged out before I get round to submitting them. [nb.this is less of a problem since the inactivity log-out time has been extended]

If possible, it would be very helpful to have an option to display the links detailed on an item page in chronological order - this would enable more sophisticated analysis of links between items.


Fixed Issues/suggestions included:

Saving links: on occassion, links that I add do not save. This usually seems to occur when I add links during the initial creation of an item - especially when adding 'cited by/quoted by' links.

Assigning probabilities: the default probability seems to be set to 'possible'. This is fine, but it is easy to forget to change it when required. Would it be possible to have the default set to 'assign probability' - possibly with an alert asking the user to do so? I think this would also encourage users to think more about the reliability of their sources.

Assigning gender: as with probabilities above, I think that it would be best to have this as unassigned by default

A 'cited by' option for obects. Eg. Walter Pater, in Studies in the History of the Rennaissance (, cites a number of paintings (eg. and artefacts in support of his argument.

- Note - I can now create a citation for objects, but only by first creating a 'related to' link, and then editing the link to change it to a 'cited by'

Ability to delete items/links (to save having to request deletion of items individually).


TRQ (2014-01-13): For some reason the list of items under 'quotes' updates much slower than that under 'cites'. I have to select 'cites', fill in details, then change 'cites' to 'quotes' when linking to a recently created item.

TRQ (2014-01-13): related to the above, I have had trouble linking these two documents: and I tried linking from 6098 but couldn't find 6114 in the 'cites'/'quotes' list. When I then tried from 6114, I was allowed to create the link, but it now only shows up on 6098 as citing 'unknown'. In addition, another link has been created from 6098 linking to (totally unrelated). Needs untangling I think!

TRQ (2014-01-13): further update: it seems that the problem only occurs when an item is created without assigning a creator in the first instance. As with eg: (just created, not able to see item on linking list).

TRQ (2014-01-13): further update - no new items seems to be appearing on the linking list now. Could this be a server/browser issue? I'm using a (quite restricted) version of Explorer (at the Wellcome library, Euston Rd). Will try logging in and out to see if that makes a difference.

TRQ (2014-01-13): final update (hopefully!): logging out and in seems to have resolved the issue, so I'm presuming that it is a browser/server issue at this end. No idea why that would create links to random/unspecified items though. Please delete the following links when you get a chance: and Cheers, T.



I have been trying to link two documents - Walter Pater's 'Studies in the History of the Rennaissance' (, and a work that it quotes, the medieval French chantefable 'Aucassin et Nicolette' ( However, the link does not appear after clicking the 'submit' button. I am using a restricted version of Windows (Windows 7 Enterprise), as provided at the Wellcome Library, so it may be that that is the problem. However, I have been able to use other edit functions, such as create documents, edit text, etc. I'll try linking the same items on another system as soon as I can, and will update on any progress! [edit: I've just checked back (using a different system), and the link has now appeared, along with a few now superfluous ones - I've listed these as in need of deletion. Could this have been a server issue?].

JHM (2014-06-03): Not sure why links wouldn't appear. Shouldn't be affected by browser. Worth doing Ctrl + F5 (hard refresh) after adding a link if it doesn't show up, but no reason why it shouldn't show up to start with. Please keep an eye on this to see if it continues.

TRQ (2014-06-11 - edited 01/07/2014): Creating 'citation' links between objects and documents: at the moment, these links must first be created as 'related to' links, then changed to 'cites' once they have been created. In addition, there is currently only an option to change document-object links to 'cited by' - not 'cites'. This means that the correct link can only be created by creating a related to link from the 'document' page, and then changing it to cited by. If a link is created from the 'object' page the directionality of the link is wrong (it indicates that the object cites the document, rather than the document citing the object).

TRQ, (c. 2014-06-11): Inability to edit certain links: some of the links that I have created - eg. - do not allow me to edit the 'description' box. I can enter text into the description, but when I click submit the text doesn't appear. I'll post any more of these here as I come across them.


When editing the description section of a link, I find that the link seems to fold back on itself somehow - ie. I link eg. a doc to a collecction, save, then go to edit the description of the link. When I save., the link no longer links the doc and the collection, but links the collection to itself. See eg: and One possibility might be that I have not been paying enough attention to which page I'm linking from - ie. that I think I'm linking from eg. the doc, but am actually linking from the collection. Is there a 'delete link' function on the horizon at all?!   [edit: I've now created a third link of this type: This was created when I submitted the original entry for the article ( - I wasn't on the collection page at all. So it looks like a program issue rather than human error.]


Whenever I add a 'quoted by' or 'cited by' link to this document (, I find that another link of the same type to an 'unknown' location has been added. The process of linking seems to have changed between the old and new versions - whereas previously I could simpy click on whichever document I wished to link to and click 'submit', I am now asked to put an entry in both 'cited by' and 'cites' boxes. Could this be the reason for the extra links being created?

JHM (2014-06-03): Fixed, don't have to add a quoted by/cited by link. Unknowns were caused by linking to the item itself, which I guess you may have done when you had to create a link that you didn't want to. Have removed unknown links


In creating this document (, I have somehow added a 'held by' rather than 'created by' link to its author (Victor Hugo). I am no longer able to make a 'created by' link to this item - is this a system error, or have 'held by' and 'created by' been amalgamated?

JHM (2014-06-03): My bad, now fixed. If there is no creator and/or current holder etc, the add link will appear in the Actions menu. I've updated the item (4563) so it has the correct creator and no current holder. Shouldn't change created to held when adding - hoping that info was put in the wrong field. Have tried a couple myself and seems to end up with the correct link type.


List of links in need of deletion/amendment: (delete - links back to same doc) (delete - links back to same doc) (delete - links back to same doc) (duplicate item) (incorrect link) (incorrect link) (incorrect link) (incorrect link) (incorrect link) (duplicate link) (duplicate link) (duplicate link) (incorrect link) - JHM (2014-06-03): Link was actually 5908 - trashed (incorrect link)


I created a fair few links from documents to objects before realising this. See below for a list of links whose direction needs to be reversed:


TRQ (25/02/2015): Problem with 'influenced by' link. I'm having problems editing the following link: to

 although I was able to create the link, along with a description, I am no longer able to edit the description. I get the following message when attempting to do so: