Duplicated typescript report on the above proposal incorporating the report of the Faculty of Science, a statement by Professor Paterson, and the resolution of the Senate, [Oct. 1904], and loose copies of the sections which make up this report.

Minority Report of Professors Harvey Gibson, Herdman, & Sherrington, Oct. 1905, and majority report, n.d.

Reports of the Faculties of Medicine Jan. 1905 and Science 1904.

Reports by Professor Paterson on the suggested scheme of the School n.d. and on the motions on the subject passed by the Faculties and Senate, 11 Dec. 1905.

Protest note of Professors Gibson, Herdman and Sherrington to the Vice-Chancellor protesting against a resolution of the Anatomy Committee as two of them had not been summoned to the meeting, 22 March 1905.

Rough notes by the Vice-Chancellor on the above matters (2 sheets).