Species: rabbit
Part of Body: brain, lentiform nucleus, putamen
Stained with: methylene blue
Number of Sections: 2

Section of the lentiform nucleus of a rabbit’s brain, stained with methylene blue and showing the contrast in the structure of its two component parts. On the left is seen a part of the putamen. Its structure is identical with that of the caudate nucleus, i.e. masses of small, lightly-staining cells, with occasional larger cells scattered about. To the right is seen a part of the globus pallidus. This contains conspicuous large cells of the motor type – polygonal, with well-stained Nissl granules and well-developed processes. The globus pallidus is the efferent element of the corpus striatum and these large cells give rise to efferent fibres which descend in the ansa lenticularis to the red nucleus, substantia nigra and other lower centres. The photograph is at a magnification of X 137.


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