Species: rabbit
Part of Body: cortex, occipital lobe, cerebral hemisphere
Stained with: methylene blue
Number of Sections: 10

Section through the occipital lobe of the cerebral hemisphere of a rabbit, stained with methylene blue. It cuts through the areas of cortex (on both surfaces of the occipital lobe) and illustrates the contrast, in the relative development of the different cell laminae. Above is the visual cortex, and below a specialized area of cortex near the hippocampal formation. Note the following layers. 1. Lamina zonalis. 2. Lamina pyramidalis. 3. Lamina granularis interna. 4. Lamina ganglionaris. 5. Lamina multiformis. Between the two areas of cortex is the white matter of the centrum ovale (A). The photograph is at a magnification of X 55.


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