Species: monkey
Stained with: silver nitrate
Number of Sections: 1
Part of Body: visual cortex

Section of the visual cortex of a monkey stained with silver nitrate. It shows rather well the fibre plexuses in the cortex. On the left is seen the white matter (1). The infragranular layers of the cortex (2) contain a diffuse plexus forming the "inner line of Baillarger" and are penetrated by radial fasciculi disposed perpendicularly to the surface. The granular layer, or, more strictly speaking, the internal granular layer (3) contains in the visual cortex a very dense plexus, the "white line of Gennari" which is really a greatly accentuated "outer line of Baillarger" also present in other parts of the cortex. Above the internal granular layer are seen the pyramidal layer (4) and the zonal layer (5). The photograph is at a magnification of X 68. 


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