Phonegap for Android JSCallback error meaning OnDeviceReady not called

Struggled for hours last night while trying to migrate this great example app Sample App using the PhoneGap Database API to work on Android using Eclipse and an Android emulator. Everything was going well until I tried to link to a second page using a query string parameter to pass through the id of the the employee. This resulted in:

JSCallback Error: Request failed. at file:///android_asset/www/js/cordova.js:3698

Eventually stumbled across PhoneGap – migrating iOS applications to Android (Part 1) which pointed out that this is a documented Android issue and proposed the following workaround:

function loadEmployeeDetail(id) {
localStorage.setItem( “employeeId”, id );“file:///android_asset/www/employeedirectory/employeedetails.html”);

And then reading this  in employeedetails.html using:

id = localStorage.getItem( “employeeId”);

However, I was still having problems calling OnDeviceReady() until I stumbled across deviceReady not working in PhoneGap application, how to? which suggested that adding brackets into the function name in the eventListener method might be the problem, giving:

 document.addEventListener(“deviceready”, onDeviceReady(), false);

Problem solved.



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