CakePHP not saving to new field on production server

I wasted a few hours on Saturday morning struggling with the fact that CakePHP on my production server refused to save to a newly added field on a table in my database, while everything worked beautifully on my dev server. After hours of debugging on the live server I suddenly remembered that, with:
Configure::write('debug', 0);
in core.php, as it should be on a production system, Cake uses the cached model definitions in tmp\cache\models and would therefore ignore any changes in the underlying database until these were refreshed. Simply either:

  1. Change temporarily to Configure::write('debug', 2); and then run your code before changing it back again or;
  2. Delete the contents of tmp\cache\models

and it will pick up your new field.

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    1. Hi. This post related to CakePHP 2, in which case core.php file is in the Config directory. In Cakephp 3, the debug setting is found in config/app.php, although I’m not sure whether it has the same effect on caching of models as it did in Cake 2 – the docs ( would suggests it only affects the debugging output, but they aren’t always as complete as they would ideally be.

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