We are very sorry to hear that you find the Microtome too complex for your time & use. We shall however be very glad if you would return it to us as it is a thing we are frequently being asked for. We would have hoped that it would have proved an easily & rapidly used Instrument, as in our hands we are in the habit of placing a piece of fresh tissue upon the plate, freezing it, & cutting several sections in less than two minutes. In the Laboratory here the assistant cuts sections daily, sufficient to supply a class of 72 students with 2 or 3 sections each, & he does this in about 10 minutes. If when you are visiting Cambridge you would do us the favour to call upon us we think we could convince you that the complexity of the Instrument is in appearances only & not in its use.

Faithfully yours,

A.G. Dew-Smith, for the Company.' (f. 124)