In reply to your letter just received we have to inform you that the price of the Tonosphygsmograph[?] is £6.6.0. The price of Ray's Tonometer as modified by Dr. Gaskell is £7.10.0. with [diffusion?] canalle. The electrodes will cost a little more, say 10a/oz less. The tap[?] that Dr. Gaskell uses an odd part of an old Coats' apparatus. We should provide German silver taps as being cheaper & less liable to sheath. These would cost about 3s/ or 4s/ each. Theydo not however form a part of the Instrument as we supply it. The addition of a thermometer would not increase the cost of the instrument except of coursethe bare cost of the thermometer as theere [is] an aperture in the cap of the vessel for inserting various tubes etc. The Tonosphygsmograph is described in the Jl. of Physiology p. 66 Vol. II. it may be used for all purposes for which the Mercurial Thermometer is used & for general purposes is much more convenient. As you appear not to have received our letter of the beginning 1 January we also to reply [sic] to one or two of the questions contained therein.

The price of Roy's Tonometer is £2.12.6. The price of Dr Gaskell's modification of it as of Jl. of Physiology 3. 101. with canalle, taps atached to the Instrument etc. the other taps spoken of above are for allowing the fluid to flow from the bottles & may be easaily replaced by ordinary Chemical Pinch Locks. The funnels are small glass ones & are of very small value.

The price of the Myograph is £33.15.0 for use with smoked paper & not for continuous paper, & without Manometer or [illeg.]. This is the same as charged in Germany.

Chemical Balances we can supply at prices ranging from £2.0.0. to £20.0.0. according to degree of accuracy. A balance at £2.0.0. does very well for ordinary Laboratiory work, except in case of accurate analysis  Then we do no make, but shall be glad to procure for you.

Marey's Lever for muscular contraction. A simple form would cost from 16/s to 20/s. The complex form described and figured in Lyon[?]'s Methodik would cost £3 or 4£. We should recommend a simple form.

Dyalizer for 6oz of fluid. 2/6 to 5s/.

We have these things in stock (except for the balance, Marey's Lever & Dyalizer) & could supply them at once.

We are Sir, Faithfully yours,

A.G.D. for the Company.


P.S. We have today forwarded Vol. I & II of Jl of Physiology together with letter to Mdlle Odele[?] [Piess?] as you directed.

We append receipts for your cheque for Madam for which we are obliged.

A.G. Dew-Smith £2.0.0.

for the Company 19.2.81.' (f. 77)