Fig in text:

'Fission of a hyaline cell while it is ingesting a chainThe bacillus was B. filamentosus, and the event is singular as showing that a cell can divide even when actually ingesting a foreign body. The details are as follows:

Time 0 minutes. Figure 10 A: hyaline cell crawling north over a short chain.

" 5 " Still moving north.

" 13 " Cell is bending the north end of the chain and briniging it into a vacuole.

" 50 " Figure 10 B. The cell has divided: and a daughter cell has moved north. It contains a vacuole enclosing a small length of the chain.

" 58 " The daughter cell has moved south and over the other daughter cell. (Figure 10 c.)

" 74 " The first daughter cell has moved past the second daughter cell on to the south part of the chain.

The notes and drawings are very definite and I do not think it possible that the advent of a second cell between the 13th and 50th minute was overlooked. ' (372-373)