Returns Denny-Brown's 'interesting critical glance at Pavlov' - note in D-B's hand: 'my review of... Pavlov' (Denny-Brown, Theoretical Deductions...' Journal of Neurological Psychopathology 13, 1932), notes that Lodge has also recently sent him a letter critical of Pavlov. Quotes passage of Lodge's complaints re: applicability of the term 'reflex' to Pavlov's experiments. Sherrington's comments on the 'folk' understanding of the term and the difficulty behavioursists will have in altering it. Sherrington's own critical comments on Pavlov - cites Troland (1928), emphasises that Pavlov 'does not seem to realize the large role played by 'trial + error' learning in the formation... of animals' natural habits.' - mentions the 'maze test' in this regard, suggests Thorndike (1911) and Yerkes addresss this problem much more thoroughly, inc. diagram of q. re: how reflex conditioning links are formed. Re: MS sent to Sherrington by Denny-Brown - that they are 'merely suggestions'.